Charcoal Dental Floss, Plastic Free + Spearmint

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  • 100% NATURAL SILK: This natural floss is designed to remove food particles hiding in places where your toothbrush can’t reach
  • EASY TO USE AND CARRY: Take your dental floss wherever you go to keep up your healthy oral routine. Gently pull out 30cm of string and slowly floss between each tooth, reaching as close to the gum line as possible
  • 30 METRES OF FLOSS: Georganics Natural Floss is designed to last around 100 applications. When you are out simply order a refill and pop it in the reusable glass flint which can be used again and again
  • VEGAN + CRUELTY-FREE: We use food grade certified and natural ingredients for all our products. The gluten and plastic-free dental floss is coated with 100% natural vegan Candelilla wax, which is food-grade and sustainably obtained
  • RECYCLABLE + BIODEGRADABLE: We are completely dedicated to reducing our environmental impact. All our floss comes in a reusable glass flint, with a metal cap dispenser, and packaged in a fully compostable, plastic-free kraft box

8 reviews for Charcoal Dental Floss, Plastic Free + Spearmint

  1. David Hulme

    Much better that the silky white version. It is much stronger and really cleans between your teeth. But again, be careful; it can fray and get stuck between tight gaps in your teeth. It is less likely to do so, compared to the “Silk” version. The glass container is very nice along with the metal screw-on cap, dispencer with a cutter.

  2. Ina

    What a pleasant surprise! The box was so small and well packaged. There was no plastic, even the ‘bubble wrap’ was made of paper. So far we love it! It removes food as well, if not better than our previous floss. I actually think it works a bit better because it’s less smooth, and so I think the friction helps remove food remnants better.My husband and I have been reducing the amount of waste we produce. It’s been a slow journey, and we’ve been replacing our day-to-day single use plastics with more ‘biodegradable’ alternatives. Floss has been one of those regular use items that we’ve been wanting to find a more natural alternative to. We’re really happy with it.

  3. barcelona

    La ficha dice que el producto es biodegradable – y no es un pequeño detalle, de hecho fue por esto que lo compré. Pero tanto en su propia web, como en un mail que acaba de enviarme en respuesta a mi pregunta, el productor dice: “our charcoal floss contains polyester fibres to strengthen the floss so it is not biodegradable.” Osea que contiene fibras de poliester, así que no es biodegradable. La descripción incorrecta resulta engañosa, tanto que varias personas en las excelentes valoraciones se muestran orgullosas de ayudar al medio ambiente usando este producto, que en realidad contiene poliester! En mi opinión no se hacen así las cosas.

  4. K. Tait

    This is easily the best floss I’ve ever used! It’s a bit thicker than the usual thread floss, but it’s perfect even for my tightly packed teeth. Because it’s a bit thicker its much more gentle on my gums. The thing I find most annoying about regular floss is that it shreds and snaps and gets caught in my teeth. This floss just glides on through. I now floss way more often and I actually enjoy it, it feels like I’m doing my teeth and gums a favour. The reason I bought it (biodegradable and vegan) has become an added bonus, rather than the main reason. Thoroughly recommended!

  5. Miss Jones

    I wanted floss that was eco friendly and preferably not made from silk, this ticked those boxes. I have used other eco friendly floss which was too thick and I struggled to get between my teeth and then would snap. This one is brilliant though, fits between my teeth with ease and has not once snapped, very strong! My teeth feel lovely and clean afterwards. I use just a small amount, I cut off what I need, knot it in a circle and use it like that, a trick from my dentist, a way to use floss that is easier on the fingers and doesn’t use as much floss!

  6. Caitlin

    Plastic free and biodegradable? Afraid not, everyone! If you check the brand’s website, you can see that this product contains 20% polyester! So it’s not plastic free, it’s not made of bamboo, it’s not biodegradable (unless you count 100s of years as ‘biodegradable’) and it’s certainly not eco-friendly! How hard is it really to make a floss out of bamboo or cotton??What’s more, the packaging says ‘100% vegan’, which I believe the product now is as the company is now using a vegan wax rather than beeswax, it’s just a shame the listing hasn’t been updated to reflect this. Or perhaps this listing is for old stock which does use beeswax? Who knows??I’m really disappointed as I thought I’d found a great eco-friendly product here. The biggest shame is that the brand/manufacturer is not paying close enough attention to how people are selling it on Amazon and how they’re describing the product just plain incorrectly!Disappointed. Won’t be buying again.

  7. Ms D Clark

    I was thrilled to find this biodegradable dental floss as I am one of the many becoming more concerned about all the ‘throw away’ stuff we buy that would sit in landfill sites for a very long time. In addition I have a very small mouth with cramped up teeth and I find ordinary floss very difficult to use as it always gets really stuck between my teeth. It took me ages to floss and I would always feel like throttling someone by the time I had finished! Not so with this floss. It’s not magic, it still gets slightly sticky but in no way on the scale that it used to. So flossing is much quicker and I can go to bed a bit more relaxed instead of fuming.One caveat I must mention is that, although the floss supplied with the glass tube is compostable, the REFILLS are NOT COMPOSTABLE. There seems to be an assumption they are and the company certainly do not make it abundantly clear that there is a difference. I am very surprised at this and believe it is a little unethical for Georganics to profit on this assumption that people believe they themselves are behaving more ethically. I have moved to a different company where their refills are still compostable

  8. Nanncy

    I’ve used various brands of floss. This particular is very good.

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