Toddler Tooth Brush with Smart LED Timer (0-3 Years)

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Make brushing fun: Cute toothbrush handle and LED light is perfectly designed to make brushing easy and fun for toddler ages 0-3 years. Soft bristle & High-quality silicone Brush Head provide babies with a better brushing experience.

10 reviews for Toddler Tooth Brush with Smart LED Timer (0-3 Years)

  1. Dee

    I was having trouble getting my daughter to cooperate when I tried to brush her teeth with a regular toothbrush. I decided to give this toothbrush a try. The light is so helpful because I can see her teeth and brush them better. She seems to like that the toothbrush is electric and has been cooperative ever since I got this toothbrush. It has a built in timer which helps ensure that I brush her teeth long enough. I would recommend this toothbrush. The brush attachments are a great size for a toddler.

  2. Samantha

    It was always a fight to brush my daughters teeth. She always wanted to hold the brush and wouldn’t let me help. I then gave her another brush so she could brush and I could with the one I was holding, Nope! She wasn’t having that either. The other tooth brushes for 12-18 months made her bleed as well. So I thought an electric toothbrush was worth a shot. This has literally been a game changer! I can now brush her teeth without a fight! The bristles are soft and don’t make her bleed. It took away some yellow spots she had on her teeth with a few brushes. IT IS WORTH IT! It does come with a little screwdriver to change the battery so you don’t need to buy one. It also comes with a changeable head for when they grow and don’t need the really soft one. Very easy to use and easy to hold for her.

  3. Cassidy Ford

    Wow! This little brush is our little miracle worker! Our 2 year old daughter suddenly rejected tooth brushing, screaming bloody murder every bushing session. Getting her teeth clean was becoming impossible. This little wonder has made her excited to brush her teeth again and easy to handle at brushing time. She’s happy to wait and brush through the whole two minute timer. She loves it! 100% recommended for fussy toddlers.

  4. Lerschykisses

    It works great and my son loves it. Before we were using the one that you put around your finger and also tried one that looked like a banana and it was always a huge fight to brush his teeth but with this he opens his mouth because he likes the vibrations and he’ll even do it a little on his own too. As a few of the other reviews say it is a very small head but its perfect size for my son who is a 1 1/2 years old.

  5. Tenley

    Brushing my son’s teeth used to be a huge struggle, since getting this toothbrush he will open his mouth when he sees the toothbrush coming, not just with this toothbrush but with his old regular one too. He likes to bite down on the electric toothbrush (I guess the vibrations feel good on his teeth/gums) so it can make it a little difficult to move the toothbrush around his mouth. The small round head can make it hard to brush the front of his teeth (I can only get them by moving the brush back and forth over the bottoms, he won’t open wide enough for me to directly brush the front teeth), but as I mentioned about this toothbrush has gotten him to allow me to brush his teeth with his old manual toothbrush too so I go back and forth between the two and this was well worth the purchase since teeth brushing time is much less of a struggle now!

  6. Mariana

    My baby likes it a lot before this toothbrush we have a regular one and he wouldn’t let me brush his teeth.i like the light is easy to see the back teeth i like that it has a timer and it shuts off by it self my baby still little but went it stops vibrating he knows its done time so that helps, my baby has some molars coming out and the vibration i think helps him sooth his gums over all i will totally recommend this product.

  7. Rumi N.

    My daughter loves this tooth brush to the point she even tries to brush her own teeth herself (though at 15mo the effort is futile)I just wished the brush was a bit bigger. The current head of the brush is so small you have to really pin point on the brushing, and my toddler has TINY teeth. Can you imagine how difficult it is to efficiently brush tiny teeth with a tiny brush? It’s very hard. Still, this brush makes it way easier with daughters attitude bc I’m dealing with fussy baby that used to hate brushing her teeth.

  8. Abigail

    My toddler is 2.5, and has dental complications from cancer treatment. I’m trying really hard to minimize extra issues, so we’re trying to take good care of her teeth 😂Tried a €5 electric toothbrush with Elsa and Ana on it. Wasn’t impressed with the places mold could easily grow, and the small one was scared of how intense the brushing was; she rarely let me brush with the thing on.So I gave up and found this. A great price, and I love that it lights up (heaven knows it’s hard enough to see in that barely open, constantly moving cavern). And it’s not too intense for little mouths. She’s not even a little opposed to the thing now, after a few weeks. Now, tooth brushing in general is occasionally offensive because she’s 2.5, but I guess that comes with the territory.

  9. Alexis Honey

    This is seriously the best baby toothbrush out there!!! I have used 12 baby toothbrushes and my little one would not let me brush his teeth so I had to resort to washing them at night while he slept. My son is 11 months old. His teeth started to discolor so I knew I needed to do something fast. A lady in a Facebook group I am in recommended an electric toothbrush and my son LOVES IT!!! After FOUR DAYS OF USING IT a DRASTIC change of then coloration of his teeth was undeniably noticeable. This will be his toothbrush until the recommended age!!! Wow!!! In the photo the bottom photo was taken before I started using the toothbrush and the picture on top was taken FOUR DAYS LATER!!!

  10. Elisa

    It’s frustrating when I brush my 20-month baby. He cries every time once I pick up any old fashioned toothbrushes. The situation reversed when I get this new electric toothbrush. The LED light is awesome, make it easier to see inside, and the bristles are very soft for small babies, a total lifesaver!

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