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Duopack: GleamWhite® Whitestrips -NEW!


Duopack GleamWhite is truly enamel-safe. It avoids the use of Hydrogen Peroxide as its main active ingredient. Instead, GleamWhite uses an alternative painless active ingredient that is both gentle on enamel while remaining tough against stains. And with its new and improved 2022 formula, our product is more effective now than it has ever been.



A full treatment can lift your tooth whiteness by 3 to 5 shades. The package boasts a simple yet clever shade guide, which allows our customers to see its whitening power for themselves. The results last up to 12 months; most impressive for an enamel friendly teeth whitener!


  • Improved 2022 formula
  • Comes with  2 x Shade Guides
  • Results up to 12 months
  • Removes stains
  • Treatment takes 14 days
  • Only 30 minutes a day

You will receive 2 x 14 treatments (14 bags / 28 strips) + shade guides



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Duopack GleamWhite Whitestrips

Why GleamWhite whitestrips? The concept of this non-peroxide brand of whitestrips was born when trialing a very popular brand of teeth whitener. The whitening power of these peroxide based whitestrips are indeed impressive. However, after only the second day of treatment you find your teeth becoming quite sensitive.

We decided to delve into this matter a little further, by considering the possibility that tooth sensitivity may be related to enamel damage. Our findings were ambiguous, but one thing struck us. Beyond a concentration of 0.1%, peroxide whitening products are banned in Europe. Yet, some of the most popular treatments on the market were easily surpassing 10%! Surely, there must be an alternative to peroxide-based whitening treatments, or is peroxide really ‘the be-all and end-all’ of teeth whitening technology?

It’s our goal to develop whitestrips which would keep that famous peroxide power, but without the peroxide. We simply felt it a duty to give our customers a brand of whitestrips that are just as effective as those popular peroxide-based products. And so, GleamWhite was born! GleamWhite has of course been tested in an FDA accredited laboratory and the results are impressive. Why don’t you try it out for yourselves!

How to Apply Whitestrips

The best part about applying Whitestrips is how easy they are. It only takes 3 steps to get them onto your teeth and let them do their magic.

Step 1: Peel

Dry & prepare your teeth. Make sure your teeth are clean but don’t brush them.

Step 2: Stretch & Apply

Pick up your pack of whitestrips and take them out of the plastic packing. Do you see the whitening gel? That’s what you’ll apply to your teeth. How long should you leave the whitestrips on? As a general rule, you’re supposed to leave them for about 30 minutes.

Step 3: Reveal your whiter smile

Once you’ve worn the strips for the given time duration, simply peel the whitestrips off your teeth and discard them. And you’re done!

2 x Full treatment: 2 x 14 treatments (14 bags / 28 strips) + shade guide


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